What is Ned?

Ned's Red Herring Cover

Ned’s Red Herring Cover

Ned started his first business at age sixteen, selling bicycles to his friends. Since then he’s ridden a lot of bicycles and worked on over $5 billion of original, award winning games (and non-games) including Chuck Yeager’s Advanced Flight Trainer (’87), Ultima Underworld (’91), F22 Interceptor (’92), John Madden Football ’93 (’93), System Shock (’94), Flight Unlimited (’97), FireTeam (‘98), Firetalk (’00), The Sims2 (’04) and over one hundred PlayStation games (’05-‘13), most recently the glorious Last of Us (’13).

Ned has been a pioneer of both 3D and social games. He founded Lerner Research, where he wrote one of the first true 3D engines and where Chris Green (now at Valve) invented the first game texture mapper. Then Ned and Paul Neurath founded the amazing Looking Glass Technologies, which helped invent the modern 3D game. Then Ned and Art Min co-founded Multitude Inc., one of the first companies dedicated to “Social Gaming”. More recently Ned was the Chief Technology Officer of the Maxis division of Electronic Arts, and is now Director of Engineering, Worldwide Studios, Sony Computer Entertainment, where he’s working hard on the PS4. His products have been featured on The Today Show, the Superbowl pregame show, Good Morning America, New York Times, BusinessWeek and other major media.

For more on Ned go to his LinkedIn page or contact him on Twitter at nedlern